Sydney Harbor Bridge and Skyline just after sunset Under the bridge with the Opera house and the skyline Sun about to set through the Sydney Harbor Bridge with the Opera House easily discernable Sunrise over Sydney Harbor Harbor Bridge and Skyline just after sunset
Julie and Louis with the Wombat Louis talking to a Wallaby Betty with a Wombat Julie and Louis with an errant Koala bear.. he was just cruising around and ignoring everyone. Julie kneeling and petting a Kangaroo
Julie and the wombat Both kids with a small Kangaroo 2 Koalas Julia with a wallaby Louis on the Sydney Harbor Ferry


Small blue flower on the end of a pink stem Amazing purple flower Flinders Street railroad station in Melbourne Orange bloom Black swan at the Melbourne botanical garden
Huge water lillies Trees in Melbourne Captain Cook's house in Melbourne Winnie and Jessica Flying foxes (big bats!) in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens
Orange flowers in the Melbourne Botanical Gardens Varigated leaves the sun setting on the way to see the fairy penguins at Phillips Island
Double Rainbow on the way to see the fairy penguins




Phillip Island Penguin Parade



Alice Springs

A Good Sign Drover's Blowout.. but no Koala or Penguin Platter of Emu and Kangaroo
Digereedoo Lesson in Alice Springs Sunset in the gum trees .. Alice Springs the kids in front of the Royal Flying Doctor Service Baby Horned lizard Horned lizard
Pinky with the python Shirly and Bob and a big yellow lizard Derrick and the big yellow lizard

Ayer's Rock

landscape between adelaide and alice Ayer's rock from the air British Aerospace BA-146 .. this was a wonderful airplane. Ayer's Rock at dawn from a helicopter Carol, Julia, and Louis in front of Ayer's Rock 6-30-00
a eucalyptus with Ayer's rock on the horizon Professional Helicopter Services aircraft that we took to view Ayer's rock at dawn Ayer's rock from the helicopter the Olgas at sunrise from the helicopter the Olgas at dawn from a helicopter
Delicate crimson bottle-brush Ayer's rock from the helicopter at dawn the Bregers at Ayer's rock the view from our hotel at Ayer's rock .. these colors are real! Carol, Joel, sunset, champaigne, and Ayer's Rock

Cairns, Silky Oaks Lodge, the Daintree River, and the Great Barrier Reef

4 Kookaburras Bird Black Heron walking along a branch Azure Kingfisher Blue backed bird
Julie on the Daintree How many Kooks cam you find Big Cockroach sugar cane train Daintree riverscape
Riverscape Plover Betty swings Cockatoo cottage Crocadile
Carol in front of the GBR helicopter Quicksilver from the helicopter Great Barrier Reef with Quicksilver
the Quicksilver our small staging boat the Quicksilver at the pontoon Julie and Louis after snorkeling Elon Bender
Julie waving at me Julia  examining a mushroom coral Giant clam video diver small school of fish
shrimp boats

Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo

two Kookaburras Koala Louis and a very pretty camel
Louis and a wallaby this is as beautiful as a camel gets Julie and Louis with a wallaby Carol, Julie, and a wallaby Julie and a wallaby
only if you promise to quit smoking Agro snaps up the rat woman feeding a large tortoise frogmouth
what a koala bear really does

What a Koala Bear actually does all day long......

this is a small movie that takes 2 minutes to download

and is definitely worth the wait.


Fish and Chips on the Gold Coast

very large prawns Oxymoron Carved Watermelon
New Zealand!!