Auckland, New Zealand

Louis bungee jumps from the 660 ft Auckland Skytower

the Auckland NZ skyine and harbor

Maori roof crest

two Maori carvings at the Auckland Museum

the Maori in me

pretty reef fish at Kelly Tarlton's

Carol in the underwater tubes of Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium

a penguin in the water at Kelly Tarlton's

King penguinsat Kelly Tarlton's

this bag raises some strange questions


a New Zealand tree fern

Julie and Louis ride an oversized Kiwi bird

Julie with sheep and dogs .. amazing picture

Louis with sheep and dogs

Kiwi fruits on the vine

the impossible word

Jessica with sheep and dogs

Jessica rides the Kiwi bird

Derrick with the sheep and dogs

a bed of ferns

Snow capped volcano and craters south of Rotorua

perpetual geyser

Nancy and my family in front of the smelly sulphur pool

Betty and Skip touching noses in front of the geyser

this is the airplane that I soloed in .. a Victa Airtourer 115

Mt. Cook

descending into Mt. Cook Aerodrome through a mountain pass

Mt Cook at Sunrise wallpaper

Carol, Julie, and Louis at the top of the mountain

Milford Sound and Fiordlands

Fiordlands Aerodrome

this is the boat on which we cruised and lunched in Fiordland Nat'l Park

Fiordlands Nat'l Park Milford Sound

one of hundreds of waterfalls in Fiordlands Nat'l ParkJPG

the 4th of July on the Gold Coast of Australia


Cliff and Nancy

the Wrights in Queenstown

Betty and Skip at their 1st Anniversary dinner

pink cloud sunrise over Lake Teanau

Sunrise at Teanau

the Croots, Daniel, and the Bregers

he Bregers at Queenstown

Sheep .. face right

Queenstown from the Cablecar

sunrise over Queenstown

view of the Remarkables

bungy jumping at the Kouara bridge near Queenstown

just jumped

the 1st bounce

Kiwis!! under infra-red light

kiwi profile

kiwi videotaped with infrared light

kiwi arabesque


Rose Window in Christchurch Cathedral

5 Kids

on the Avan

from sheep to sweaters and everything in between

lady with the lovely bird prints

a man who embeds bugs in plastic

two artisans