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Ahu Akivi and the Bregers the Bregers in front of a fully restored Moai Gorgeous Rainbow .. end to end the hotel in the background Incredible sunset
Ahu near Hangaroa Moai against the sky the Bregers at Easter Island fully representative moai from the other side of town looking back at the hotel
15 Moai with a fallen Moai in the foreground 15 Moai in the background 15 Moai long view a Moai with a Pukau 15 Moai
Carol and Louis with the 15 Moai pukau suspicions Julia and Louis with a pukau pukau suspicions 2 Carol at the Pukau factory
the 6 of us arriving at the hotel from L to Rt - Carol, Julia, Joel, Conny, and George Ariki in the Van George Kennedy on Easter Island Caroline gives him a lift
boat shaped house and storage cave boat shaped house reconstruction construction detail boat shaped house construction detail detail of boat shaped house entrance
Birdman cult petroglyph Julia with a Birdman petroglyph Birdman homes the Birdman cliffs Birdman territory 2
Petroglyphs at the Birdman camp just another gorgeous sunset over the south pacific Birdman door Petroglyph of a Birdman face Carol and Louis  walking past the birdman encampments
map of the petroglyphs at Papa Vaka more petroglyphs petroglyph very clear petroglyphs a small piece of obsidian
down in a lava tube where things were hidden Easter Island lady selling statues Moai vendor leaving the small crater exit from the small crater lake
tourists huge moai seemingly resting look! .. over there.. in various stages of tip restoration
the 15 Moai Moai at the ''Heyerdahl'' wall Keystone three pukau up to their necks in ..
the Bregers with a fallen Moai View from just outside town looking out to sea long ears, white eyes, and a fine pukau view toward the quarry where the Moai were carved obsidian carving tool
storm drains


Hangaroa scene George Kennedy and a friend from California there are lots of horses on Easter Island so a person needs to take care with with their footwork Carol and Louis with the largest rubber tree plant I've ever seen
traditional ''cat's in the cradle'' Rapanui dance male Rapanui dancer the Menu at ''La Tanita'', a pleasant little restaurant look carefully and enjoy

this was the view from our hotel room

one of the hotel palms in flower sunset over the hotel and the south pacific the Post Office
there can be a read shopping frenzy after work this is one of the larger and more popular grocery stores this is the ONLY gas station on the whole island the local air freight company
Panoramic Photos
15 Moai panorama
a view of the larger crater lake
a view of the larger crater lake from the "Birdman" side
view of the small crater lake
a wide view of the Hangaroa and airport end of Easter Island
view from the "pukau factory"