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Rapanui Travel - the best and most knowledgeable tour company on Easter Island

www.breger.net our personal photo album

PBS NOVA Page on Easter Island  and a great link!!
Mysterious Places:Easter Island
Take a virtual tour of Easter Island. This site features beautiful photography of the moais.
Tour and Hotel Information from KonTiki Tours
Some History More History and some fairly comprehensive Information
The RapaNui Gazette - in English       this is terrific!
Polynesian Voyaging Society
Find out about this organization, which investigates how the Polynesian seafarers discovered and settled the islands of the Pacific. Learn about what it's like to live for a month on board a replica of an ancient voyaging canoe.
A paper on the people, government, economy, history, and more of Easter Island. This site includes many useful resources for visitors.
RapaNui Outrigger Club
An organization that gives young RapaNui people the opportunity to learn about their people's history while developing outrigger canoe paddling skills.
Unofficial Easter Island Home Page
Information on Easter Island's history, culture and tourism. Check out the great list of web links.
Zvi Shiller's Homepage
Read about Zvi Shiller's motion planning research and how it is being applied to the moai moving experiment featured in this NOVA Online Adventure. For more on this subject, check out The Plan.


more from Zvi Shiller

  http://www.interknowledge.com/chile/easterisland.htm http://www.mysteries-megasite.com/main/bigsearch/easter.html http://freeweb.aspide.it/freeweb/newage/easterisland.html http://surfingtheapocalypse.homepage.com/forbidden.html#easter http://astrosun.tn.cornell.edu/athena/xgrs/images/images.html     (this one is an adaptation of one of my pictures from easter island)

http://www.escapeartist.com/easter/easter.htm http://www.zapme.com/net/class/history/hist_world_csam_east.html




Topographical Map of Easter Island


Someone's Personal EI page with wonderful Photos


Information of Interest


More Very Nice Photos
Easter Island Internet Hotlist of Links
Yet another Page about Easter Island
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